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Mr. Chester is a Certified Public Accountant He also He has been practicing for over 22 years. He specializes in church, clergy and not for profits. He advises and counsels hundreds of churches and not for profits on the national level. He prepares financial statements for these organizations in the form of audits,reviews and compilations. He also performs business management services including full service payroll tax services on a national level. He has represented churches and not for profits on various issues regarding compliance, internal control, fraud, forensic and risk management. He has over fifteen years of experience providing accounting and consulting services to diverse clients, including the wholesale distribution and hospitality industries and privately owned businesses. Additionally the firm represents clients before the IRS on all Tax and Audit representation levels.

Mr. Chester is a Certified Financial Planner, a Personal Financial Specialist and holds a Masters Degree in Personal Financial Planning which make him very unique in his skills and a sure partner for you to handle all levels of your finances. He can develop a plan  to help you retire on time, manage your wealth and create a portfolio that will help stabilize your future.

Mr. Chester, a Certified Fraud Examiner and Forensic Accountant, he testifies in defense of claims and fraud, and general business damage claims. Mr. Chester also provides expertise on breach of contract matters, embezzlement, and hidden asset location. He has over fifteen years of experience and can help develop internal controls for any organization in order to protect thier assets and prevent fraud before it happens. The firm can also detect fraud after it has been comitted but has not been identified.

Who Is Elbert T. Chester, CPA PLLC

Elbert T. Chester stands at the forefront of His field. A God-Sent individual resolving the financial woes levied on the body of Christ. As a specialist in his field, Elbert T. Chester operates the only Church, Clergy Tax and Compliance Center in the State of New York.

Pastors overwhelm the compliance firm of Elbert T. Chester, CPA PLLC across the country facing serious IRS problems personally and with their church. Many had attended other well-known seminars and purchased their books and tapes but had no one to effectively solve their problems. So their issues remain with many losing or having their churches padlocked.

As a result Elbert T. Chester launched his Church, Clergy and Tax Compliance Seminars across the country. These seminars would not only Educate the Pastors but they would also have some one skillfully trained and who understands the Ministry and could effectively and expeditiously resolve their issues favorably.

Elbert T. Chester can be heard on many national and local Radio &TV Programs. He's also been featured in a number of publications.

Solid Credentials: Elbert T. Chester is an Expert in His Field. Only a few is as highly trained and qualified to handle and settle Church disputes, Board of Trustees, Fraud Issues and Internal Control Issues Elbert T. Chester is a SPECIALIST in the area of IRS Tax Compliance and Financial Advisory. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Personal Financial Specialist, Certified Financial Planner, Registered Financial Consultant, an Accredited Tax Advisor, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Forensic Accountant, Certified Divorce Financial Specialist and a member of the Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Accounting, New York State Society of CPA'S, The American Institute of CPA'S and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Professionalism: Everyone is treated with Dignity and Respect. You'll always find a warm, caring and personal service. Our motto is "Professional Service with a Personal Touch."

Privacy Protected: Elbert T. Chester only divulges what is necessary to His or Her situation. Pastors and laypersons alike can rest assured knowing their personal information is never compromised or leaked. But is handled in a very discreet manner.

Not Just Books & Tapes: Unlike other well-known fly-by-night seminars, Books and tapes are always optional to purchase and not mandatory. We are a full-fledge Accounting, Tax and Church Compliance Center located at 87-01 Midland Parkway,Ste LB, Jamaica Estates, New York. You're never left to just figure it out for yourself.